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  Show your image or downloadable file by hiding the path. is a free service to generate your private image URLs and links to downloadable files easier. This service is provided without warranty of any kind.
Hide your Image Path and Image Name How it Works ?

Hide Downloadable File Path How it Works ?


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Did you ever want to hide your image path and the image name in your site ,in your blog, in facebook or anywhere in the NET ? It is so easy now with our " hide image " service. It supports any of the following format of images. .jpg .gif .ico and .png. So simply enter your image path and press "Generate" to show the script.
Did you ever want to share a file with others without showing the orginal location of the file ?.i.e. hide the path or link of a downloadable file
Here we go !! simply enter the orginal link of the file that you want to share and press "Generate" to show the alternative link.